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Filmmaker . Director . Editor

I was born in Sicily and live in Italy.

I have to the asset several jobs on the international scene.
In particular, the open titles of the GLBT film festival 2012,

with a commercial against sex discrimination

and a commercial for the London-based company SUB-T, on the importance and value of cinema subtitles, presented at Venice Film Festival 2013.

Directed several musical videoclips. Among the major groups:

Lethe's way, Unmask and  Avvolte.

Among my latest works, several commercials for major brands:

Adidas, Ariston, FCA, Leasys, Chevron, Vodafone, Avis

and head of communications for the official Green Day musical "American Idiot.

I directed my first narrative work in the web series format,

Indictus | The land is No One's, on Youtube from January 2018.



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